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The entire project management process, simplified.

How we make an app
How you make an app
How we make an app
We source the top 1% of tech talent work with us

We source the top 1% of tech talent to work with you on your projects.

Top 1% of tech talent work with us

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We’ll start with a brief but detailed discussion so that we can understand your vision for the product, gather requirements, and properly scope out your project pricing and timeline.


We’ll assign you a dedicated Product Manager to manage your team, manage progress, and manage deadlines. We build everything according to best-in-class software development principles; the same ones found at the top tech companies where we source our talent.


If you already have designs, it’s easy for us to apply them. We’ll also happily work with your design agency or, if you want us to do design, we can help.


Payment is aligned with the progress of your project. After an initial deposit you’ll pay in installments as work is completed, according to predetermined milestones.


You’ll never pay for overages and our work is guaranteed; if you’re not happy, we’ll fix it until you are. We’ll even monitor your product after it’s completed and can provide ongoing maintenance.

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